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Glow Bright

Ultimate Slimming - Glow Bright

Ultimate Slimming - Glow Bright

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Ultimate Lean & Lite Slimming

Lose weight easily and safely with Glow Bright's Lean & Lite Combo box. This powerful combo includes 60 Extra Strength Appetite Suppressant Capsules to control cravings and enhance metabolism, while also providing 60 Extra Strength Fat Burning Capsules to help you burn fat while at rest. See quick results with this effective and simple weight loss solution.

How to use?

Take one Appetite Suppressant and one Fat Burner capsule twice daily, preferably in the morning and at midday. Do not exceed the daily recommended dosage, unless advised by your healthcare professional. Drink at least 8 – 12 glasses of water daily. By following a kilojoule controlled eating plan and moderate exercise program results will be seen more quickly.


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